To make yourself something less than you can be – that too is a form of suicide“.

(Benjamin Lichtenberg)



Uncle Sam is poised to blow his own brains out and splatter the American legacy upon the growing pile of disintegrated Empires of the past. For someone who has never voted and considers himself apolitical, I have certainly been engaged in this recent American financial, political and more importantly, moral crisis. I think the time has come for me to try and learn a bit more about “political systems” and see if I can add to the dung-heap of global and political opining. For now, I might try to do some research and write something more in-depth towards what I believe is a steepening of the slippery slope towards American decline, if not suicide. For now I will take this opportunity to start exploring my ignorant and personal views of what this current American debt-crisis situation could mean. Since I am lacking in any real knowledge or understanding of American politics and can only rely on limited research and what has been presented in the media, there are likely many aspects of my ignorant interpretation which are completely wrong. If anyone notices any glaring inaccuracies, I would be grateful for your clarification or corrections.

As far as I can tell, a small sector of self-serving Tea Party Republicans have shown a willingness to blackmail and extort the American people, as well as compromise America’s global economic position, in order to pursue their untenable “NO MORE TAXES” position, regardless of the cost. Not only is this a compromise of their own Democratic and Constitutional principles, it is a moral compromise as CNN’s Fareed Zakaria has suggested.

This is not only a shockingly irresponsible and indefensible economic or political position; it is a further demonstration of a country falling into moral bankruptcy and global political downfall. What more evidence is needed to demonstrate the fundamental flaws in their political system, than witnessing how a small group within a Republican Senate minority, can actually create and sustain such a catastrophic, untenable position and bring an entire country to the brink of disaster, even when the majority of Americans DO NOT support their position! How can this possibly be considered a “government of the people and by the people”?

Although the days of global respect, admiration and even envy for the United States are long gone, they could always rely on their political, military or economic power as a means for international influence and respect – to a degree. Now, at least two of these categories are in rapid decline and I suspect we may be witnessing the “tipping point” of the inevitable Decline and Fall of the American Empire. I read Ronald Wright’s “A Short History of Progress” a few years ago and now I am convinced he is right. It was a long reign and I won’t be around long enough to witness the actual transition towards some other globally influential “super power” or “multinational power”. But I have no doubt the bullet is in the chamber, the hammer is cocked and pressed up against the forehead of the American political and economic status-quo. And a small faction of right-wing-nut Republicans have their finger on the trigger and it’s creaking towards economic and political suicide. I like the way CNN’s Fareed Zakaria puts it. “America is over, just plumb over” they are “enfeebled” which implies continuous decline. They are weakened, undermined, diminished, depleted, unhinged, devitalized and rendered feeble.

Rest in peace Uncle Sam.

To be continued…..

Johnny Stork

A Jolly Mystic Dude with a background (or interests) in psychology, consciousness, well-being, spirituality, psychedelics, philosophy, sexuality, contemplative practices and technology. In a few past lives or careers I have been a youth-care worker and program developer; statistician; research analyst; database developer; web developer; WordPress developer; Linux administrator and open-source consultant; network/website security administrator; social-media and marketing analyst; male waiter on Ladies Nights and a pourer of molten steel.

I currently hang out in Gibson’s BC pursuing interests in, and writing about, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, psychedelics, plant wellness, technology and well-being. I am a strong advocate for the therapeutic use of psychedelics and cannabis in treating many emotional and psychological conditions as well as for the fostering of well-being and supporting spiritual practice. I also have a passionate interest in the role of technologies like social-media to be used constructively for sharing information, knowledge, building communities and fostering well-being. When I am not reading, studying, writing, blogging, listening to music or contemplating my navel, I like to ride my motorcycle, take photos, go hiking, 4x4ing, meditate on the beach, camping, kayaking or anything else outdoors. I also like challenging social, sexual, gender and intellectual stereotypes as well exploring the furthest reaches of human consciousness.

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