Whistler Hearts

Snow capped mountains reaching skyward;

Majestic stones beckon climbers.

Such ominous beauty defies man’s touch;

A wilderness meca forever as such.

Ridges of ice above the clouds;

Surrounding peaks appear like shrouds.

Next to me she stands so close;

My hand in hers, felt petals of rose.

What fate hath brought such love for I;

This throneroom of gods, her beauty defies.

No time or place hath moved my soul;

Her grace reveils a glimmer of gold.

Lost in spirit my heart it soars;

I compare her not to loves closed doors.

Not first love, nor lust compare;

Her beauty’s alone, yet every where.

These mountains of rock, paradise of wild;

My heart in hers, I feel not beguiled.

Seeds of love planted in hearts;

We walk together, never apart.

Johnny Stork

September 24 1992