A couple of days ago, thanks to a friend, I decided enough is enough. After running and operating a hosting company/service for the past 5 years or so, I am packing it in. I started Mountain Hosting after having had many of my own Joomla sites defaced and of course the usual issues of increasing spam. So I spent months researching, testing and evaluating various solutions for apache, web-application and email security. I learned a great deal and once I got the site, service and hosting environment up and running, and properly configured, I moved all of my own sites to Mountain Hosting and started to offer the service locally. For the most part it became a place for my friends, family and some non-profits to get free or inexpensive hosting. I certainly learned a great deal about hosting as well as web, php, application and email security and I can say that in 5 years not a single host was ever breached/attacked and all my clients experienced almost no spam. Especially those clients that came to me specifically with the need to eliminate spam. Those clients were VERY pleased with the immediate drop, almost to 0%, in their spam volume. The experiment was also beneficial to the District of Squamish since I built their entire Linux-based hosting environment exactly the same way and all of the districts’ sites, around a dozen or so, have been humming along just fine with absolutely no breaches, in spite of dozens of brute force, dictionary and port scan attempts every day!

Unfortunately all was not well with this service. It NEVER turned a profit and so financially it ALWAYS cost me money to keep it going. However, the biggest problem was the amount of time I was spending trying to support and help friends and family with their hosting accounts. Time that was taken from my other work and for which I was rarely, if ever, paid. Even some of my business clients, ignorant of where the line is drawn between a “hosting problem” and an “application or user problem”, were putting incredible demands on me to “fix” their web site or email problems. Although it felt good helping everyone out, its now time to move on and continue to minimize the frustrations in my life and of course unecessary expenses and wasted time.

A Jolly Mystic Dude with a background (or interests) in psychology, consciousness, well-being, spirituality, psychedelics, philosophy, sexuality, contemplative practices and technology. In a few past lives or careers I have been a youth-care worker and program developer; statistician; research analyst; database developer; web developer; WordPress developer; Linux administrator and open-source consultant; network/website security administrator; social-media and marketing analyst; male waiter on Ladies Nights and a pourer of molten steel.

I currently hang out in Gibson’s BC pursuing interests in, and writing about, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, psychedelics, plant wellness, technology and well-being. I am a strong advocate for the therapeutic use of psychedelics and cannabis in treating many emotional and psychological conditions as well as for the fostering of well-being and supporting spiritual practice. I also have a passionate interest in the role of technologies like social-media to be used constructively for sharing information, knowledge, building communities and fostering well-being. When I am not reading, studying, writing, blogging, listening to music or contemplating my navel, I like to ride my motorcycle, take photos, go hiking, 4x4ing, meditate on the beach, camping, kayaking or anything else outdoors. I also like challenging social, sexual, gender and intellectual stereotypes as well exploring the furthest reaches of human consciousness.

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