Dream World: Open Heart Surgery and a Studebaker

 “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.

(Edgar Allan Poe)

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”
(Sigmund Freud)

In the dream, I had just woken from what I thought was a sleep, which I soon learned was actually an operation on my heart. I was not in a hospital but some sort of room and it was small, a bit stark almost like a hospital room and I could see nurses but they were dressed more casually and did not seem to be wearing uniforms. I don’t recall if someone told me, and I didn’t notice any bandages, but I knew that I had just woken from an operation on my heart and some sort of device, value or something else, had been implanted. So I wanted to know exactly what this thing was that had been placed into, or on my heart. I started asking the doctors and nurses and everyone kept avoiding responding. I started to get angry and said “look you people put something into my body, something into my heart and I want to know what it is’ “who is the manufacturer, what is the model or part number so I can look it up myself and learn about this device?” But nobody was talking and I could see everyone was intentionally trying to avoid answering the question. I recall feeling pretty agitated in the dream and at one point this short young nurse showed me some pictures of the operation. I could not make out my face, and all I could see was blood on the sheets, people standing around and some tubes and equipment attached to the body. I could not really see a face in the picture but she clearly implied it was me. And then the scene changed.

I was suddenly walking down this street and there was an old blue car, maybe early 50’s and it hand a right-hand-drive. Keys were in it and it was running. Just as I was looking over this antique car in great shape and wondering what it was, two young guys in their early to mid 20’s came running out of this building with guns in their hands and I think they were carrying a bag or something. My thoughts in the dream were that they had just robbed a store or bank and were either looking to steal a car, or maybe this antique blue car which was running, was their getaway car. Either way, I thought I should step back and not get to close. The scene changed again.

I was now driving this blue car, which looked something like an old Studebaker, and I was driving up alongside three young men, who were on my left standing on a gravel embankment above a large puddle of water. I drove up slowly so as not to splash them and got out of the car. For some reason, maybe earlier in the dream, I knew I had placed, or dropped my watch on the ground near where these fella’s were standing around. As I started looking for my watch they all walked away sort of suspiciously and I said to them “ok fella’s that watch means a lot to me, so cough it up”. To my surprise, the tallest and lankiest fella reached into his pocket and tossed the watch over to me. When I picked it up I recognized the wrist band but the watch itself was different but for some reason this did not matter to me. I walked up to this very tall young man who must have been around 6’ 6” tall at least. I extended my hand, he reached out and I shook it and thanked him for the courage to give me back the watch and that this was a sign of a good character and honesty. I sensed he was getting embarrassed in front of his friends and I suddenly awoke from the alarm.

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I currently hang out in Gibson’s BC pursuing interests in, and writing about, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, psychedelics, plant wellness, technology and well-being. I am a strong advocate for the therapeutic use of psychedelics and cannabis in treating many emotional and psychological conditions as well as for the fostering of well-being and supporting spiritual practice. I also have a passionate interest in the role of technologies like social-media to be used constructively for sharing information, knowledge, building communities and fostering well-being. When I am not reading, studying, writing, blogging, listening to music or contemplating my navel, I like to ride my motorcycle, take photos, go hiking, 4x4ing, meditate on the beach, camping, kayaking or anything else outdoors. I also like challenging social, sexual, gender and intellectual stereotypes as well exploring the furthest reaches of human consciousness.

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