After receiving a message with bad news from someone in my family I had not heard from, or spoken to in 20 years, I was truly wondering what I would dream last night. I don’t recall everything, but this one seemed to focus around my cat Molson, or more specifically, my love for my cat Molson.

I was walking through this crowd of people who were heading to some place I don’t recall. I think previously in the dream there was a party going on at a house I was in but I was trying to avoid the people there. Not unusual for me. As I was walking through this crowd of people, along these elevated streets and in a city I had never seen before, I picked up my pace and walked faster to get ahead of everyone and passed this older woman walking alone. She seemed to recognize me and just glanced at me as I walked past her and turned off on this road which went to the right. I then came to this intersection which led to another elevated roadway off to the left, which followed a stream or a river. At some point along the way I realized I had Molson (my cat) with me. She was in my arms and either she fell, or she jumped but suddenly she was in this fast moving river. I saw her go under and at first I thought “that was it, she is gone”. I recall a great sense of loss, grief at the thought of losing Molson. But when I got to the edge of the bridge and looked over, I noticed her struggling in the water and she sort of managed to move herself over to the left side of the river which then hit a concrete wall, maybe part of the chute which carried the water under the road way. When Molson banged up against this wall, her movement down the river stopped and I called out to her. I watched as she pushed her way up-stream and I recall I was amazed at her strength. How was she able to keep her feet on the bottom of the stream bed, with the water rushing past her? But she kept pushed herself upstream, little by little until she was right underneath where I was leaning over the bridge railing. There was a small outcropping of gravel which she jumped onto, then jumped up to the railing and right into my arms, soaking wet, shivering but oh-so-happy to be in my arms and not in that river. I felt elated, very happy she was back and safe. 

At some point I ended up inside some strange transit vehicle, like a fully enclosed waterproof container, much like one of those completely enclosed emergency rescue boats you see on cruise ships. I was seated near the front and we were rapidly moving through a system of winding chutes until we reached some sort of station at the bottom. Actually it seemed more like we were falling, under gravity, through these chutes. I got out of the car/vehicle and by now Molson seemed to be fighting to get out of my arms and I kept trying to keep her under my coat. I was afraid I would lose her again and did not want to let her go. After I got out of this unusual transit vehicle, through a door on the right, I walked around the front to where there was a glass door being held open by this Asian man. Everyone was walking through this door and so I followed and inside there were walkways and I could see large glass windows above me and was not sure where I was, or where I was going…..the beeping sound of the alarm on my Tablet woke me.

A jolly old hippy and mystic dude trying to make a positive difference in the world by supporting individuals and the community on their path’s towards personal, professional, spiritual and technological happiness and well-being. I am diversely educated in neuropsychology, statistics, consciousness, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, psychedelics, wellness, coaching and technology. I have also survived childhood abuse, trauma and two substance problems with the help of plant medicines. Therefore, I am both personally and intellectually committed to advancing and supporting the science and wellness benefits of plant medicines like cannabis and psychedelics. Ultimately, I strive to harness the sum total of my life, experiences and education, towards serving the well-being of individuals, the community and humanity. And have some fun along the way.

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