Dream World: Fairgrounds and Climbers

 “All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream.

(Edgar Allan Poe)

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”
(Sigmund Freud)

I was hiking along this trail with my small Samsung camera when I noticed all these guys running past me and heading to these rock climbing routes and sprinting up them free-solo fashion (no ropes). Although I did not recognize the area, or the rock/routes, in the dream I knew I had climbed there before so I kept hiking so I could get to the bottom of the routes. As I approached the bottom of the routes, all sorts of tourists started walking past me, many Asians with cameras (I guess we even dream in cultural stereotypes). As I got closer to the bottom of these routes, there was an extended ledge off to my right high above the ground and there were people headed there to take pictures. I managed to make it under the rocks and I was walking along this rough, rock strewn ledge towards this precipice off to the right and as I walked past these tourists they were talking about the beauty of the place. I remarked about how much the area had changed and 25 years ago I climbed here but none of “this” (referring to all the wooden steps and railings) was here. I think I asked one of them to take a picture of me with my camera. I also seem to recall walking back over to the precipice and trying to take more shots but something had fallen off my camera, some small piece of clear plastic and so for some reason I was then trying to get close to this tree to take a macro shot of something sticking out of the bark. People were still walking past me in both directions.

I then started I headed back towards the trail which headed back down and was under the start of those climbing routes. Off to my right there was a large sort of food stand, lights surrounded by tourists, wooden railings and behind it, right under the routes, was some sort of kids ride. Kids would get into this little red car which had a rope connected to the rear and front and was pulled along this very, very rugged route along the rocks, trails etc. Sort of like a kids 4×4 ride – VERY COOL, I am sure I would have loved a ride like that as a kid. There were many, many spectators watching these kids being pulled along in this little red car but now comes an even stranger part. Near the end of the ride, back when the car has been pulled back down to mostly level ground, it would accelerate much faster up this short little ramp and the front of the car would suddenly drop down sharply as it came to an abrupt halt. The kid, or baby in the car would be launched into the air about ten feet, somersault and land softly on its back into this sling suspended by ropes which appear to have been attached to springs or something! My first thought when I saw this was “I have to get a picture of one of the kids flying through the air!” But as I started to walk/hike down closer to this short rope fence which was around the landing area, other people/parents started to accumulated down there as well, all with their cameras out. I kept trying to get in closer but then I noticed a car about half way along the circuit so I moved over towards that section and took some shots from a distance of the kid inside. But this kid seemed older, like in his teens or something and I recall thinking in the dream that he might not make it all the way to the sling once he gets to the end of the ride, the “launching point”. I then woke up with the scene of these crowds watching the kids in the cars.

A Jolly Mystic Dude and Old Hippie. At 15 I was introduced to spirituality, shamanic practices and non-ordinary states of consciousness through the writing of Carlos Castaneda. Those teachings and practices not only provided psychological tools to help me survive early childhood abuse, trauma and mental illness, but laid the foundation for a life-long curiosity about spirituality, non-ordinary consciousness and psychedelics. Those early experiences with psychedelics and a transformational near-death experience at 24, solidified my interest in psychology and consciousness to where I began to pursue formal studies at 25. I have an academic background in neuropsychology, applied statistics & research, spirituality, consciousness and transpersonal psychology as well as decades of business technology experience. I hope to combine the wisdom of personal experiences with my education and studies into spirituality, consciousness, transpersonal psychology and technology, in the support of others on their journey’s of healing, wellness, spiritual growth and transformation. I am also hoping to engage with and support major research organizations in spreading awareness of and the science behind, psychedelic medicines.

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