Dream World: Drug Party

The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly – that is what each of us is here for.” (Oscar Wilde)

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
(Edgar Allan Poe)

I was in this house, sort of rundown and there were many people inside, most, if not all, I did not know. But it was clear they were all there to buy drugs and they were all handing over cash and getting a bag, or a flap of cocaine. The counter top in the kitchen had little messy piles of white powder all over the place and I remember thinking whomever the dealer was, he was not being very careful with his “product”. At some point, I am pretty sure I did not hand over any money, but there was a pile of cocaine (although it seemed like flour) which I scooped onto this large sheet of paper and folded up like the largest and worst made “flap” ever seen. It was sort of a lumpy ball of paper the size of a baseball which I then stuffed into a leg-pocket in the cargo-pants I was wearing. I think I then tried to get out of the house unnoticed and at some point I was outside somewhere and wanted to “sample” what I stole from this house. I pulled out the lumpy baseball-sized, semi-round chunk of paper from my pocket, unwrapped part of it, stuck my finger inside and pinched out a small amount to snort up my nose. I shook my head and almost sneezed….flour! I was then driving this pickup truck and checking my face in the mirror and could see this unmistakable white powered under my nose so started to wipe it off. Even though I knew it was flour, I knew that it would not look that way to anyone else.

There was a transition in the dream and I was suddenly painting this rough stucco wall outside with white paint but I was also painting the tall grass in front of the wall and it was such a pain to get the paint to cover properly. The roller just seemed to roll over the top of the grass and did not cover all the blades completely. I was then with a bunch of people, Blair, Jess, Sherry and I think Bonny and we were behind this building which seemed like the Ocean Port Hotel in Squamish but I think it was all boarded up. I had this pickup truck and had to get everyone to fit inside and it was backed in to a parking stall behind this building, which I am sure was the parking lot behind the Ocean Port.

Then there was a power failure because we could see all the lights in the houses go out and I don’t know if they were related, but I knew the truck was not working now so we would have to leave it behind. Blair was sitting in the truck and said “don’t you want to take the turntable and amp out”. There was a turntable and amp on the seat next to Blair and so I started taking them out of the truck and he jumped out and said “I can just walk them over to (some person) place”. So he grabbed the turntable, with the amp on top, and started walking towards the center of town. Although it looked like the back of the Ocean Port, the rest of the area was not Squamish and looked very different. I then woke when my Tablet alarm went off.

A Jolly Mystic Dude and Old Hippie. At 15 I was introduced to spirituality, shamanic practices and non-ordinary states of consciousness through the writing of Carlos Castaneda. Those teachings and practices not only provided psychological tools to help me survive early childhood abuse, trauma and mental illness, but laid the foundation for a life-long curiosity about spirituality, non-ordinary consciousness and psychedelics. Those early experiences with psychedelics and a transformational near-death experience at 24, solidified my interest in psychology and consciousness to where I began to pursue formal studies at 25. I have an academic background in neuropsychology, applied statistics & research, spirituality, consciousness and transpersonal psychology as well as decades of business technology experience. I hope to combine the wisdom of personal experiences with my education and studies into spirituality, consciousness, transpersonal psychology and technology, in the support of others on their journey’s of healing, wellness, spiritual growth and transformation. I am also hoping to engage with and support major research organizations in spreading awareness of and the science behind, psychedelic medicines.

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