A Jolly Mystic Dude and Old Hippie. At 15 I was introduced to spirituality, shamanic practices and non-ordinary states of consciousness through the writing of Carlos Castaneda. These teachings and practices not only provided psychological tools to help me survive early childhood abuse and trauma, but laid the foundation for a life-long curiosity about spirituality, non-ordinary consciousness and psychedelics. Those early experiences with psychedelics, and a transformational near-death experience during a long lead-fall while rock climbing at 24, solidified my interest in psychology and consciousness to where I began to pursue formal studies at 25. I have an academic background in neuropsychology, applied statistics & research, spirituality, consciousness and transpersonal psychology as well as decades of technology experience. My goals now are to combine my personal experiences and education to advocate for and write about wellness (personal and digital), support or coach others in their journey’s of healing, wellness (personal & digital), spiritual growth, flourishing and the safe and transformational use of psychedelic plant medicines.

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