JohnnyWelcome to my blog. I consider myself to be a philosophically, spiritually and technologically inclined man with diverse passions, interests and goals. I am constantly seeking that perfect opportunity to contribute my education, skills, interests and passions towards a worthwhile cause or group. I am also on a life-long quest for learning, personal development and finding ways to give back to the world and my community. I abhor mediocrity and strive for perfection and excellence in everything I do. I consider unconditional honesty to one’s self and others, without social expectation or self-interest, to be the highest principle as well as the greatest example of integrity, that any person can possess. I am deeply introspective and endeavour to think critically about all choices or decisions where there are ethical implications for myself or others. I have made mistakes in the past, and likely to make more in the future. I believe I have learned something from every mistake.

I am a compassionate, patient and respectful man. But I am also intolerant of, and outspoken on, issues of abuse, prejudice, hypocrisy, dishonesty, apathy or any form of negligent or unethical conduct, particularly by those in positions of power or authority. I am also indifferent to social expectations or externally-derived value-systems. I am also deeply principled to the point of appearing self-righteous and so I am often grossly misunderstood. I expect others to hold me to the same level of honesty, integrity and ethical conduct I demand from them. Occasionally, I am considered a tall, ruggedly handsome, fine specimen of a renaissance man. Other times, I am considered dumb as a bag of hammers.

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In September of 2014 I returned to graduate school to complete a Masters (and possibly a PhD) in Transpersonal Psychology (Consciousness, Spiritualty and Transpersonal Psychology) through the Alef Trust Foundation, which is accredited by Middlesex University in the UK. My areas of focus in this graduate program include Spiritual Emergence, Mindfulness & Meditation as well as Shamanistic Psychology.

The renaissance of interest in Eastern spiritual philosophies, various mystical traditions, meditation, ancient and aboriginal wisdom, as well as the widespread psychedelic experimentation during the stormy 1960s, made it absolutely clear that a comprehensive and cross-culturally valid psychology had to include observations from such areas as mystical states; cosmic consciousness; psychedelic experiences; trance phenomena; creativity; and religious, artistic, and scientific inspiration.
(Stanislav Grof on Transpersonal Psychology)

I am also pursuing photography, lifestyle coaching and writing as a new means of personal and creative expression. Some of my other interests include hiking, mountain biking, 4x4ing, audiophile recordings and equipment, reading, psychology, philosophy, Buddhism, youth-care and parenting.

Personal Philosophy

As a result of various personal experiences, decades of reading and learning about many of the world’s spiritual, philosophical and scientific traditions, I firmly believe that our civilization is in need of a significant paradigm shift in thinking, learning and communicating, if we are to succeed in the future. I believe this paradigm shift can begin through the collective impact of individuals recognizing and fulfilling their True Nature. I believe this True Nature, or Buddha Nature, the Ultimate Reality, the Perennial Philosophy is transcendent of traditional human sensory experience but can be experienced and reinforced through meditation or other spiritual and introspective practices, as well as the expression of Universal Compassion. I also believe this True Nature can only be described, or defined, through metaphor and the creative expression of gifted artists. I also believe this True Nature can only be described, or defined, through metaphor and the creative expression of gifted artists.

The ultimate, unqualified mystery is beyond Human experience”  (Joseph Campbell)

Our apparently obvious and self-evident perception and experience of separateness or individuality is the most common and pervasive form of collective human psychosis and delusion. Our perceived separateness from others, is an illusion and the basis of many of man’s individual and collective problems. The single most important message from most of the world’s spiritual, philosophical and even scientific traditions is one of UNITY. We are all truly a global community of One and need to think, act, communicate and collaborate with our fellow humans with this as our guiding principle.

Tat Tvam Asi – We are It, Thou Art That