A Couple Grams Of Consciousness

Last weekend I was on my way to a beautiful, unpopulated, sandy ocean-side beach a few blocks from home, for some summer afternoon swimming in consciousness. Along the way I decided to pause for a pit-stop and psychological pre-load. This babbling, mellifluous, warbling creek meandering through the lush wilderness forest did the trick. As I write these words at 17:26 on August 14th 2019, reflecting painfully on a most difficult decision I might need to make (avoiding it today), I am reminded of that day last weekend. I am reminded of that sublime, peaceful, meditative and most of all, psychologically safe and auspicious moment by the creek.

Those creek sounds, those forest smells, that state of calm, peaceful, psychologically safe mind, is DEEPLY personal and familiar to me. As a young boy growing up in North Vancouver, trying to remain sane in the midst of a psychotic, violent and terribly abusive environment, I would often wander up into the forests of Grouse Mountain behind our home and do just that. Sit quietly, thoughtlessly, often by a creek, intimately aware of all the sounds, smells and sights around me as they carried me off to a deep, peaceful inner calm and psychological safe state of mind. The fear and terror evoked down below in the abusive “family” home, would dissolve away. I did not know that what I did back then was a form of meditation. I only knew it made me feel better, safe. One day I will have more to say about those years growing up on the hills of Grouse Mountain, and what those years mean to who I am today.

Tonight, as a psychological tool, a method of replenishing the deepest, clear minded and wisest aspects of my heart, mind and soul, I reflect back on that most peaceful, sublime creek-side moment last weekend, as a reminder. A reminder that within me is a source of beauty and courage. Most of all, within me is the wisdom to know the “right” decision which benefits the most. Tonight I am reminded of the Pollen Path.

The Pollen Path

Beauty before me
Beauty behind me
Beauty to the left of me
Beauty to the right of me
Beauty below me
Beauty above me
I am on the Pollen Path

~ Navajo saying

A jolly old hippy and mystic dude trying to make a positive difference in the world by supporting individuals and the community on their path’s towards personal, professional, spiritual and technological happiness and well-being. I am diversely educated in neuropsychology, statistics, consciousness, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, psychedelics, wellness, coaching and technology. I have also survived childhood abuse, trauma and two substance problems with the help of plant medicines. Therefore, I am both personally and intellectually committed to advancing and supporting the science and wellness benefits of plant medicines like cannabis and psychedelics. Ultimately, I strive to harness the sum total of my life, experiences and education, towards serving the well-being of individuals, the community and humanity. And have some fun along the way.

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